Brockton personal training gym helps clients smash out fitness goals

BROCKTON — One local Brockton gym owner has the perfect workout routine and nutrition plan to help reach your fitness goals, he said.

If your 2024 New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight and you lost your momentum, do not worry. You still have seven months to complete your fitness goals.

And besides, working out is not about losing weight, it’s about living a “healthy lifestyle for longevity,” said Jay Tavares, owner of Above All Fitness in Brockton.

Above All Fitness is a one-stop shop for one-on-one training, group training sessions, exercise camps for little kids, and help building a realistic nutrition plan that caters to your lifestyle.

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Tavares opened the gym after wanting a career change and transforming his body.

“I was working on getting healthier and more fit, and when I saw the power of fitness and nutrition, I wanted other people to experience what fitness can do for you. Eating healthy and working out is a lifestyle change for the better,” Tavares said.

The gym is located at 1340 Belmont St #2, Brockton, and clients have 24-hour access to the facility.

“We are not like Crunch or Planet Fitness. The culture here is different. Everyone knows each other. We’re like a family. We work hard together and push each other to greatness, and everyone sees results,” Tavares said.

One of the best moments Tavares experiences as a licensed personal trainer is seeing his clients completely transform their bodies after months of hard work.

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“What sets us apart from other gyms is the family vibe when you walk in. It’s nothing like any gym you’ve been to before,” Tavares said.

Tavares’s best advice to people starting their new journey is to make small goals and crush them while being focused and disciplined.

“You will see results if you stay consistent with anything in life. We all have setbacks on the way to achieving our goals, but if you fall seven times, get up the eighth time,” Tavares said.

“As human beings, we all have great potential to do better and amazing potential in all of us. Sometimes we don’t reach our full potential because we are scared, but it’s our duty to challenge ourselves and overcome our fears,” Tavares said.

The owner is a proud Cape Verdean who hopes to keep educating the community in Brockton and showing others how to live a healthier lifestyle and avoid ailments such as hypertension and diabetes through diet and exercise.

To book a session with Tavares, visit Above All Fitness on Instagram or visit